A-League Footy Tipping
If you’re after an easy to use straight forward A-League tipping interface you have come to the right place!

iTipFooty is a basic footy tipping application used to host private footy tipping competitions. Tipsters can create or join their own tipping competitions. iTipFooty does not run any public tipping competitions. To join a private A-League tipping competition on iTipFooty you need to have been invited and provided the tipping comp number and comp password in order to join. Alternatively you can create your own private tipping competition and invite your mates.

Before you can join or create a tipping comp you'll first need to create yourself a user account to login with.

Tipping competition features are custom selected by each tipping comp manager when creating their tipping competition.

Knockout Comp

The knockout comp runs concurrently with the tipping comp. Each week tipsters will need to nominate one winning team.

Joker Round

In a joker round tipsters will be able to select 1 round during the season where their score is doubled.

perfect round

Bonus points to be added to score if tipster correctly tips all matches in a regular season round.


The margin system is used to find outright weekly and overall winner. It ranks tippers by lowest margin when tipsters are tied on the same score. Tipsters are required to pick a 'margin' for the first game in each round when submitting tips.

Tips are scored throughout the round

Tips are scored throughout the round so login, check who's tipped what and see how you are going as the games progress through the round. Points and Odds based scoring available.

Prize management

Prize management will allow the comp manager to manager who has paid, enter overall prize winning positions and more. Any prize money is collected/paid out offline by the tipping comp manager.

Non-Submission tips

View all tipsters tips in your comp once game has closed out.

Non-Submission tips

Tipsters who fail to submit their tips by the round cut-off time can receive Away Teams, Home Teams, Lowest round score, or 0 points.

Non-Submission tips

Each comp comes with a basic message board for tipsters to interact and exchange banter.

What you need to know
  • Make your tips by selecting the teams to win for each game in a nominated Round. We allow a draw to be selected, as outlined in the comp settings.
  • Tips for each game can be entered or edited at any time prior to each rounds commencement time as published on the site.
  • Participants will be allocated the Away Teams, Home Teams, Lowest round score or 0 points if they fail to enter there tips for a round or join the tipping competition late. What you are allocated is set out in the tipping competition rules by the comp manager. Participants can not receive a perfect round for not submitting tips.
  • Tippers will be ranked by their overall score, where the highest score is the highest rank.
  • No public tipping comps available to join. You must be invited to join a private tipping comp or create your own.
  • iTipFooty does not provide or distribute any prizes or prize money for tipping comps. Prizes (if any) and their values are as set out by the comp manager and handled offline without iTipFooty involvement. It is the responsibility of the comp manager to distribute prizes (if any) to the winners. iTipFooty is not liable and does not accept responsibility for any prizes setup by the comp manager.
  • A-League fixtures are subject to change at anytime hence matches can be moved to later rounds.

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